Yugoslavia/NATO Info. nr. 15 - April 13, 1999.
Statement from an insider at the Government's offices in Bonn
Following «Statement from an insider at the Government's offices in Bonn, Germany, concerning the Balkan-war of april 7th 1999» was handed over to us by an anonymous person. Please check if the text is useful for your coverage.

Bonn, 8.4.1999

Jürgen Reents, Press-spokesman of PDS at the German parliament.

  1. Personal remark
  2. About the recent lies of Schroeder, Sharping and Fischer
  3. Preparation for war: «Roots» - a covert action of the CIA aimed at the destruction of Yugoslavia
Personal remark

This writing I hand over to a catholic priest, who is member of the group «Ordensleute für den Frieden» and asked him, while keeping my identity secret, to arrange the distribution to the media and politicians.

Holding a strictly confidential and high position at the offices of the German government, because of my conscience I cannot remain silent any longer.

All facts stated by me are verifiable for the better-informed and can be checked.

The NATO-Propaganda staff and over here the leading trio Schröder, Scharping und Fischer are utterly lying in public concerning almost all the facts in regard to the Balkan war and a big crowd of journalists copy these lies without any checks or controls.

Now to the present situation

The German government knows about the real cause of the massive refugee outflows and plays with cynicism the calculated refugee disaster at the borders of Kosovo. This way it can preserve the image of deportations and «ethnic cleansing».

Reconnaissance of the German army and NATO as a whole do not have any pictures, nor insight, nor signs or data, proving the systematic deportation of the refugees by the Yugoslav Special forces, army or police.

Causes for refugees to leave Kosovo as concluded by the Ministry of Defence are with equal effect:

Attacks of Yugoslav soldiers and police, but partly provoked by attacks of KLA-forces using Albanians as human shields. There are indications that plundering Yugoslav soldiers are executed on the spot.

NATO-Attacks and bombs

NATO-Bomb effects like the destruction of fresh-water facility in almost all cities in Kosovo

The fear to be caught in the middle of clashes between army and KLA

Permanent spreading of fear and horror stories transmitted by about 100 small KLA, NATO or Albanian pirate-broadcasting in the mountains, as well as propaganda programs of the KLA at Radio


Gangs of the Albanian Mafia looting homes just vacated.

Gangs of multiple ethnic composition consisting of fled prisoners, deserters of the Yugoslav and Albanian army, often using uniforms of the KLA or the Yugoslav army, easy to obtain at each bazaar in the bordering states.

KLA-fighters, proclaiming «General Mobilisation» and recruiting every man of proper age and forcing them to join arms. Anyone refusing is beaten badly and must pay a ransom and is forced by oath and blood revenge to remain silent and told to inform media and family they are a victim of Serb atrocities.

Proclamation by the KLA that NATO has no option but to start a ground-offensive.

Some forces in NATO welcome the exodus. With enthusiasm the comment madeby the US-Ministry of Defence dated april 5 was picked up by the German military, that when all have fled, a massive attack in the whole of Kosovo becomes a possibility.

The German government knows that there are no concentration camps and that no houses where marked with an S by the Serbs. This, as well as the fact that in no stadium in Pristina people are detained, was reported by representatives of the catholic church in Pristina in a direct telephone conversation with employees of the German government. Still Scharping is spreading these lies.

The German government also knows that american and european private media at the border are offering US$ 200,000 for video-material of massacres, true or false.

NATO and the German army are supporting the KLA with uniforms, food and instructors.

All KLA-commanders are in constant radio-contact with NATO.

NATO ground-forces are already operating in Kosovo, they are only German and US-units. Their task is to mark targets. Furthermore NATO-officers function as communication commandos for the KLA.

The necessary contacts were established as the US and German officers abused their mission as OSCE-observers before the NATO-attacks. The German parliament is not informed about these facts, nor the general public.

With the deployment of German Tornado aircraft our Minister of Defence purposely is choosing to violate the Geneva Convention and other international laws. This is the case concerning the attacks on the military hospital as well as the attack on bridges. All traffic by boat on the Danube is made impossible, which is a violation of international law.

Premier and Minister of Foreign affairs knew from the very beginning that no Yugoslav government could ever sign the occupation-dictate as written in articles 6, 8 and 10 appendix B of the Rambouillet papers. Both understood clearly that this would mean the end of Yugoslavia as a sovereign state.

Therefor war was the only outcome possible.

Experts of the Justice-Department doctored the lines that would give NATO the rights of a medieval knight in the whole of Yugoslavia.

According to statements made by Rugova's Italian legal advisor at rambouillet, Filippo di Robilant, the moderate Kosovo-Albanians were given assurance by Robin Cook, that signing the paper would only permit NATO to attack military objects and further safeguard the civilian population in the whole of Yugoslavia.

Codename «Roots» -- a covert action by the CIA prepared for war- aim is the destruction of Yugoslavia by disengaging Kosovo, Montenegro and the Vojvodina.

Since the beginning of Clinton's presidency the USA works closely together with Germany under the codename «Roots». This covert action is planned by the CIA and DIA, a joint office of the Pentagon and the CIA supported by the German secret service in order to destabilize Yugoslavia, which is the last resisting force in the Balkans.

«Roots» objective is the separation of Kosovo by means of autonomy, independence or becoming part of Albania, the separation of Montenegro as the last means of access to the Mediterranean and the separation of the Vojvodina which is the area for the majority of Yugoslavia's food-supplies.

This will lead to the total collapse of Yugoslavia as a viable independent state.

The trigger for this action is the fear of Germany and the USA that Yugoslavia will ally itself with Russia and other former Soviet-states the moment that Yeltzin is replaced by communist and nationalist forces in the near future.

In order with the old Roman policy of «Divide et impera» the implementation of Roots supports directly the dream of Greater Albania in Kosovo, but also the direct financing of royalist Chetniks and Serbultranationalists in Kosovo by rich Serbs living in exile in the USA, trying to provoke an ethnic conflict.

Disappointing developments for the «Roots"-planners, as in 1997 a peaceful solution seemed possible. The moderate speaker of the Kosovo-Albanians and the systematically demonised Milosevic agreed to establish the autonomy concerning schools and education.

Now the KLA, founded by the CIA, came into play. This organisation is based on the powers of the Albanian mafia, that still controls mountain villages in the border area of Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. Their source of income is drug trafficking, smuggling, extortion etc, and the Codex of blood revenge still applies.

Their weaponry was obtained during the civil war in Albania.

Peaceful settlement between Serbs and Albanians became difficult due to ambushes by the KLA against Yugoslav police-units. The civilian population was used as human shield.

These actions were stepped up after a new meeting between Rugova and Milosevic in 1998 and as expected the military and police-units overreacted in Kosovo. This way the KLA and the NATO-states could sell these actions as ethnic cleansing. Never any word was spoken about the killings of the KLA.

Neither about the abuse of the civil population by KLA, nor the activities carried out by Serb nationalist thugs, financed by the West, like Arkans Tigermilitia and Chetniks. (Similar financial support was given to the Ustascha in their segregation struggle in Croatia.)

In the same period of time Montenegro received immense investments from European and American companies in the tourist industry. So-called `pro-western' private radio broadcast stations were raised and NATO-friendly politicians supported. This resulted in the present situation that about half of the population supports the NATO-friendly government.

In the Vojvodina the influence of the new NATO-member Hungary came into play. Anti-serb feelings under minority groups like Hungarians, Romanians and Croatians were voiced by small radio stations at the border in attempt to raise resistance against Belgrade.

The bombs against the Danube-bridges effectively isolate the province from the rest of Yugoslavia, forcing on the one hand better relations with new NATO-member Hungary, on the other hand it is shown who is in charge, now that big cities like Novi Sad with predominantly Serb inhabitants are bombed. Cities with Hungarian majorities are not bombed.

If these preparations for an offensive war with the knowledge and approval of the previous Kohl-government and now Schroeder, Scharping and Fischer are not to be brought to the International Tribunal of War Crimes, then I do not know what should be addressed there. End the NATO- and CIA-war against the sovereign Yugoslavia.

The «Humanists» are exposed.

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