Joint statement of the Communist Parties of the Balkans condemning NATO intervention

Over the peoples of the Balkans is hanging again the threat of war. The NATO countries' ruling classes, especially US, following their self - serving imperialist interests, have been, since already ten years, kindling conflicts among the Balkan peoples. At this particular moment, they are bracing themselves for an open aggressive attack against a sovereign state. Tomorrow, they are able to plunge the whole Balkan area in a fratricidal war. The CPs of the Balkans condemn the NATO intervention in our region. They express the conviction that both the Serb and Albanian peoples; as well as the other peoples of the Balkans, are able, by themselves and without any foreign intervention, to solve their problems peacefully. We call the peoples of the Balkans to strengthen their anti - war struggle against NATO and US intervention, against any foreign intervention, to avoid a fratricidal war among the Balkan peoples.


Communist Party of Albania
Communist Party of Bulgaria
Bulgarian Communist Party «G. Dimitrov»
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Communist Party of Greece
Communist Party of Rumania
The Marxist-Platform of the Bulgarian Socialist Party
The Yugoslav Communists

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