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You find below the «Platform of the Coordination against NATO's war in Yugoslavia» from Belgium.

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Jean Pestieau
Stop the war, Stop NATO!
Platform of the Coordination against NATO's war in Yugoslavia
  1. For the first time since Hitler in 1941, a military alliance is throwing bombs on Belgrade. In flagrant violation of the international law and of the UN Charter, NATO is attacking a independent state, which has not threaten any neighbouring country and is doing nothing but defending its territorial integrity. This aggression destroys deliberately the factories, the infrastructures, the popular neighbourhoods of Yugoslavia and causes thousands of casualties and hundreds of thousands of refugees.
  2. The humanitarian catastrophe that we see today is first caused by NATO's bombings. Since the beginning of the bombings, there are every day 20,000 refugees more on average, that is 33 times more than the daily number of refugees before the bombings. These people are also fleeing because of the fights between the serbian army and police and the UCK (KLA), because of the misery caused by the bombings, because of the rumours circulated by UCK and NATO and because of terrorists acts.
  3. Ethnism and separatism, incited and supported by the imperialist powers, have caused and are still causing terrible sufferings for all yugoslav populations. The member countries of NATO, which today are destroying Yugoslavia, have done everything to prevent a political and peaceful solution to the conflict. In a consistent strategy of «divide and rule», they have supported and armed the separatists of UCK as well as the serbian extremist nationalists. They imposed in Rambouillet an agreement that they knew to be unacceptable for Yugoslavia, which can not conceive the presence of NATO troops on its soil. Now they want to obtain by the war what they were not able to reach in Rambouillet.
  4. The American and European leaders have turned NATO into an aggressive alliance able to intervene everywhere at the service of the western interests. The West wants to impose an unlimited expansion of its multinationals as well as its absolute grasp over the extraction and transportation of raw materials in all strategic regions : Balkans, Middle-East, Caucasus, Russia... The goal of NATO is the achievement of a New World Order based on the omnipotence of its member countries.
  5. For NATO, Yugoslavia is an obstacle to its total control of the Balkans. This control is a necessary step towards interventions in the former USSR. The Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Derycke, admits it himself: «Kosovo is just a beginning. Today we are still on this side of the chain of Caucasus but what will happen if the situation in Uzbekistan, Armenia, Chechnya, Tajikistan explodes?» This expansionist and militarist strategy of NATO constitutes a growing danger for the world peace.
  6. We oppose any kind of extremism and nationalist violence. Only the peoples of the Balkans themselves, without any external ingerence, will be able to solve their national problems. Any solution will have to be based on the unity of the workers, whatever their nationality; on the respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries in the region; on the equality and mutual respect between peoples and on the respect of the rights of the minorities.

We commit ourselves to promote peace by demanding: - The immediate halt of the war of NATO against Yugoslavia - The immediate withdrawal of the Belgian soldiers and war-planes - The withdrawal of all foreign troops and military bases from the Balkans.

We stand together with the people of Yugoslavia, who is fighting for the sovereignty, the integrity and the dignity of its country.

Stop the war, Stop NATO !

Platform of the Coordination against NATO's war in Yugoslavia

Write to: Coordination contre la guerre de l'Otan en Yougoslavie
rue de la Caserne 68 1000 Bruxelles
phone: -32-2-513.53.86 fax: -32-2-513.98.31

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