Another NATO murder

Date: Sat, 1 May 1999

From: "NKPJ/SKOJ" <>

On Saturday, May 1, NATO agressors made another war crime.

In 13:00 CET, bus full of passangers was hit by AG missle while passing bridge on the road Pristina Prizren. 28 bodies, including 2 children are found by now. Bus got a direct hit, so one part stayed on the bridge while the other fall down.

Attack was repeated couple minutes after and first aid van is destroyed. It seems that NATO started with repeating strikes in order to kill as many rescue team members as possible.

It is obvius that attack on bus was not a "coleralate demage". It was brutal attack on yugoslav civilians and criminals will have to face justice.

Previous night, they repeated attack on building of YU army HQ. According to reports from the spot, couple members of rescue teams has been killed.

I will try to keep you informed.

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