Statement by the Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Britain

May 9 1999

After more than a month of bombing, NATO seems intent on rejecting any hope of a peaceful settlement to the crisis in the Balkans. Diplomatic efforts by the United Nations, Russia and other countries are being blocked, as NATO's strategy of bombing Yugoslavia into the dust becomes clearer.

NATO promises that only `military targets' would be hit have been shown to be lies, as refugee convoys, trains, buses, TV stations and housing have been destroyed. The so-called `smart missiles' have rained down all over Yugoslavia and even hit Bulgaria! The attack on the embassy of the people's Republic of China is the latest outrage.

The NATO war is a clear breach of international law, it is an act of aggression against an independent, sovereign state. It is part of the campaign to create a `New World Order' dominated by the military and economic power of imperialist powers.

The Communist Party of Britain:

Communist Party of Britain
3 Ardleigh Road, London N1 4HS
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 10:38:10 -0400
To: (World List for Rednet)
From: Kenny Coyle <> (by way of Scott Marshall <>)
Subject: Further statement from CP of Britain

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