Damascus, June 17, 1999

Now after almost three months spanning the start of the Balkan War, it turns obvious that the sole purpose behind that aggression lies in the realization of the strategic aspirations of domination and suppression aimed by imperialism, the US imperialism in particular, against world's peoples and nations. Let alone the mass destruction that affected the economic structures of an independent state, the outcome of this imperialist, aggressive war, launched under the flag of the NATO - the terrorist tool in the hands of the world reactionary forces - is simply thousands of Yugoslavian falling victims from different nationalities.

While the displacement of the Albanian Kosovars was forced in principle due to the shower of NATO's bombs the displacing of the Serbians takes the stage at present.

The human tragedy continues, putting thousands of lives besides children's tortures and mothers' sufferings on the greedy altar of the imperialist interests.

The poisonous storm of fact-distortions and lies spread by imperialist media couldn't ever set the truth aside.

We call for suing the main criminal faces, like W. Clinton, I. Blair, M. Albright, and J. Solana, before an international court as being Criminals of War. The barbaric, brutal, and aggressive actions they are making today, serving their purposes of domination and plunder, against Yugoslavia and its people may happen tomorrow against any state or any nation. This entails that the democracy-and freedom-loving forces all over the globe besides all its nations and peoples should stand together in the fight against the forces of imperialist barbarism.

Sentencing due punishments against the symbols of the Neo-Fascist gang should be a real lesson to all the criminals against humanity.

Central Committee, Syrian Communist Party

Wisal Farhah Bagdash, Secretary General

N.B.: We propose launching an international signature-campaign to support this purpose.

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 11:24:59 -0400

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A Call of the Syrian Communist Party