[Emilija Nackov] Yugoslavia, April 7th 1999

This is a disaster. An unbelievable disaster. They (NATO) do not know what is enough.

During last few days they are systematically ruining our bridges (2 in Novi Sad, and yesterday they try to crack down the only one that is left, then in Raska, Lozna village, Bogojevo, Zubin Potok, Baèka Palanka, Kurcumlija, Surdulica). What will be next?

Yesterday early morning NATO ruined Aleksinac, miner city. All of them were civilians. They bombed downtown of the city, ruining almost two whole streets with people's houses, city hospital, kindergarten, school and many houses. There are many wounded people. 7 men were killed, 26 wounded, as we know so far. Many of wounded people and many corps of death are still under hills of bricks and dust. There were not any military objects in Aleksinac.

Vojvodina capital is bombed again. NATO tried to crack down the only bridge that is left in this town after 14 days of awful aggression on our country. During bombing, bridge was full of people. They bombed oil refinery and a little village near it. This village is no longer existing.

Only good work of our fire brigade prevents ecological catastrophe.

Yesterday night NATO bombed Prictina again. I can't even count all bombings of this town since March 24th. Does do bomb makes difference whom to kill: military or civilian, Albanian or Serb? NATO bombs are killing innocent people in whole Yugoslavia. When will they stop? Do they want to kill us all? But they are dying too. On the April 3rd the first 19 bodies of the American soldiers are secretly transported from Macedonia to Thessalonika from where are being transported to their homes in America at the metal coffins. Do you think I want them to die? No I do not. Nor any of Yugoslav people does. Their officers who sent them here want them to die, because they knew that we would defend our country. It is our constitutional right and our duty. No one can stop us from doing this.

But it seems that NATO wants to kill us all. No one can kill population of the whole country. No one can kill the truth. Our government ordered peace during Easter holidays. Cease-fire started Tuesday 20:00. Yugoslav army and police forces on Kosovo have been ordered not too prosecute terrorists any more during next days.

But as we expected, all leaders of NATO countries rejected that offer. What do they want? Can anyone explain it to me?

Emilija Nackov, M.D.

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