March 26, 1999
The Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines hereby condemn in the strongest terms the war of aggression being carried out by US imperialism and its NATO allies against the sovereign people and country of Yugoslavia.

The US and its imperialist allies are utterly monstrous in seeking to impose foreign occupation forces on Yugoslavia for the purpose of further dismembering this country and, after the Yugoslav refusal to accept such occupation forces, to undertake the cowardly bombing of Yugoslavia.

Humanitarianism is a mere pretext for the imperialist aggression. It initially shows sham sympathy for the Albanian people in Kosovo but it is aimed at carrying out hegemonism, giving free rein to imperialist barbarism and victimizing the people of Yugoslavia, including the Albanian people in Kosovo.

The air strikes being undertaken by the United States and its NATO allies are causing a new wave of refugees far greater than those caused by previous fighting between the Yugoslav army and the Kosovo Liberation Army. The air strikes are thus creating a more serious humanitarian disaster than what Clinton and his allies publicly proclaim they want to prevent. US and NATO officials themselves have admitted that it is impossible to prevent what they euphemistically call «collateral damage", meaning civilian casualties.

Sham humanitarianism is real hegemonism of the imperialist aggressors. The objective is not to help any people but to rain down destruction on people, set people against each other and to prevail with the tactics of divide-and-rule.

The Rambouillet «peace plan» of the imperialists is chiefly to introduce occupation forces under the guise of «peacekeeping» in Kosovo and further dismember Yugoslavia with imperialist and puppet forces. An «independent"Kosovo is intended as one more outpost of US imperialism in the strategic region of the Balkans. There are now thousands of US troops in Bosnia and thousands more in Macedonia.

At the same time, German imperialism has continued to instigate and take advantage of troubles in the former and current Yugoslavia to revive German militarism, to gain ground in the Balkans with German troops as in Bosnia and use German planes to conduct bombing raids. The local forces of fascism have revived themselves in the former Yugoslavia and the entire Balkans.

We have always recognized the right of nations to self-determination and in this regard have manifested our sympathy for the Albanian people in Kosovo for a long time. But we cannot support any reactionary force that is merely a tool of US and European imperialism and is dependent on imperialist patronage and military supplies from US bases in Macedonia and from the reactionary Sali Berisha network in Albania.

The US and NATO forces must stop their brutal air raids and must cease their scheme to deploy foreign troops in Kosovo and Yugoslavia. The people of Yugoslavia, Kosovo and the rest of the Balkans must unite to fight for their own national sovereignty and defeat the foreign aggressors as they did against the fascists in World War II. The revolutionaries must put forward their own revolutionary line to arouse, organize and mobilize the people. In this regard, they can be certain of abundant and abiding support of the people of the world.

Central Committee
Communist Party of the Philippines

National Council
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

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Lorenzo Peña
Director de ESPAÑA ROJA

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Lorenzo Peña
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