New High Tech Weapons Cause New Types of Injuries


«We can turn the power off (to Serbia) whenever we need to, and whenever we want to,» arrogantly boasted the NATO spokesman, Jamie Shea, during today's press conference at the NATO HQ in Brussels.

TiM Ed.: We are sure you can, Mr. Omnipotent Worm (see the photos of the effects of NATO's graphite bombs dropped near Nis, Serbia, available at our Web site - just click on the Photo Album section). But can you look at yourself in the mirror?

Here's a letter which we have just received from a doctor at the Yugoslav Military Hospital, the best equipped and staffed medical facility in Yugoslavia, as far as this writer is aware:

«In my professional career as a professor of maxillo-facial surgery I have operated and helped in healing of many injured people. I have treated all kinds of wounds, from arrow and spear wounds (Eritrea in 60's) to serious reconstructions from car accidents and cancer. One of such reconstructive treatements bears my name in the world's literature.

Before my retirement in 80's I have editored the world renown journals, such as the Journal of Maxillo-Facial Surgery and the Dental Corps Int. I have also published scientific papers in these and the other scientific journals abroad. I was a founder and a long time head of the Maxillo-facial clinic at the VMA hospital in Belgrade, the well known «Army» hospital, popular among the civilians. and famous in the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia and recognized in the world. The VMA hospital is a modern hospital built in 80's and has been damaged in the NATO bombing campaign on several occasions.»

Well, with that as the intro., here's now the main course served out by this world-renowned Serb doctor;

«We, the VMA hospital, treat the NATO cluster bomb victims. This kind of wounds was new even for the two experienced surgeons, Dr Lazar Davidovic and Dr Dragan Markovic. They have operated for three weeks on Kosovo, Pristina under extremely difficult conditions: no water, no electricity.

These two cardio-vascular surgeons have treated the injuries of small Sadrina, Albanian girl whose arm was saved in spite of the difficult injury from the cluster bomb. Dr Davidovic and Dr Markovic reports are full of previously unwitnessed injuries, such as victims' bones crashed to such an extent so that they were pulverized by cluster bombs.

It should be recalled that cluster bombs are banned by the Geneva Convention. However, they are intensively used in bombing all over Yugoslavia in the lasting bombing NATO campaign.»

Professor Dr Antonije Skokljev, General Major in Retire, Ex-Head of the Maxillo-Facial Surgery Clinic VMA Belgrade

Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona
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