The relevant international organisations (first of all UNEP, World Health Organisation and World Meteorological Organisation) are silent about the local (Yugoslavia) environmental and health consequences of the NATO bombing, but they are also silent about the global (Earth as a planet) consequences, although they are exactly registered through the monitoring systems established on the basis of international conventions and protocols.

In this way these organisations collaborate with NATO, not only in violating of these international regulations, but also in the crime against the whole living world on the Earth. NATO bombing has, with his effects, annulled all results of the international environmental and health conventions, [foot-note] and seriously disturbed the environmental balance of the planet, endangered the health and even the existence of population.

Here will be mentioned only some of the global consequences:

One month of continued massive flights of supersonic aeroplanes, and any other stratospheric flights, lead to an extremely dangerous strike on the already damaged ozone layer. Further, thousands of tons of used explosive and burned chemistry plants, refineries and fuel reservoirs are a danger as well for the ozone layer as for the climate change.

It is well known that the depletion of the ozone layer leads to the intensification of UV radiation, which endangers the whole living world, and "least" consequence is that more people will die from cancer. It is also known that the depletion of ozone layer does not occur only in the zone of immediate impact. The gases which damage this layer are active for a long time and they were brought to distant places. They effect is most pronounced in the northern parts of the Earth, were the ozon layer is anyway thinner.

In this way, the victims of the depletion of ozone layer will be the inhabitants of Europe, but the main victims will be inhabitants of the Northern Europe, Northern USA and Canada.

NATO jubilee coincides with the beginning of the chemical war against Serbs, but also with an undeclared war against the whole mankind. During the World War II did not exist the international conventions on the protection of environment, ozone layer, climate, biodiversity etc. It did not exist the world-wide consciousness that the mankind has to save the Planet (UNEP - Earth Watch). Nevertheless, even Hitler, during the bombing of London, hesitated to endanger the chemical plants.

Will it further in UNEP, WMO, WHO and on Third Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (London, Jun 1999), be talked that the use of spray deodorants leads to the depletion of ozone layer?

The list of some international regulations


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