Common Appeal to the Youth of Europe and North America

Youth anti-imperialist action NOW to stop the war!

The war by NATO on the Balkans has begun, threatening to spread over the whole region.

NATO violates international law and tests its new strategy on Yugoslav peoples and youth: they intervene in a independent and sovereign country, they spread death and horror to Yugoslav people, on the pretext of «defending the human rights», provocatively ignoring even the Security Council of UN.

NATO is acting like a world «cop» of imperialism, aiming at suppressing any voice of resistance against its will. By bombing Yugoslavia NATO sends a message written in blood towards the peoples all over the world of what expects them if they dare to dispute imperialist domination and for the first time expands its role even beyond its founding treaty.

The Governments of the countries of the EU bear great responsibilities, stand in the first line for the imposition of imperialist domination by sending troops to cause death. These governments -- «socialists» or not -- behave as the most perfect and obedient servants of the USA, aiming at participating in the redistribution of markets and spheres of influence.

They signed the unanimous NATO decision about the attack, provide the bases, the land, the military forces of our countries. This situation reveals even more the threat posed by the creation of an European Army. At the same time they shamelessly «express their concern» for the refugees of the war they themselves provoked. We believe that both the Serb and Albanian peoples, as well as the other peoples of the Balkans are able to solve their problems peacefully, by themselves and without any foreign intervention.

The perspective of ground operations is very close, holds even greater dangers for the expansion of the war.

If during the Vietnam war, American mothers mobilized themselves after the first coffins were delivered in USA, there is still time for us to stop the war, to stop killings now.

We condemn the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia, the position held by EU governments.

We welcome the massive, anti-war, anti-imperialist demonstrations of youth that take place every day all over Europe.

We call upon youth to strengthen its struggle and demand:

We call youth of all countries to act now for peace, against NATO. We call youth to participate in the demonstrations and other manifestations that will take place from 23 to 25 of April in all countries.

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