How everybody can debunk NATO's lies.

The real reasons for the attack

- TV journalist: "500,000 Iraqi children killed by the embargo. Is the aim worth it?

- Madeleine Albright: "Yes, it's worth it."

The control over the oil of the Middle East is worth 500,000 barbaric murders in the eyes of the US secretary of state. Today, the US are striking with the same atrocity in Yugoslavia. What is their hidden agenda?

Expose the real objectives of NATO is the urgent task of everyone of us in order to help the Yugoslav people to repulse the aggression and to avoid that other peoples have to suffer the same fate.

Michel Collon

1. Three pretexts that make no sense

Pretext number 1: "A humanitarian intervention to stop the suffering of the people in Kosovo."

Answer: Are the bullies of the Kurds, Iraqis, Palestinians and Africans now saviors? This attack will worsen the suffering of the Albanians and Serbs.

Clinton, Schröder, Blair, Chirac and Solana are pretending to be the "saviors of endangered national minorities." That deserves the Nobel Prize for hypocrisy. These very people are supporting and arming Turkish fascist generals in order to crush the Kurds. The Kosovars have a hundred times more rights than the Kurds. In Kurdistan, the mere possession of a Kurdish CD is a crime. In Kosovo, there are fifty Albanian newspapers that are assailing Milosevic every day. However, the West is exterminating the Kurds while it is arming the separatist KLA.

Israel, that is ignoring all UN resolutions while exterminating the Palestinians, receives arms from the West since more than fifty years. In nine years, the West killed one million Iraqis in the most brutal way: slowly, through hunger and destruction of their health sector. Five years ago, Paris sent weapons to the genocide in Rwanda. Later it tried to save Mobutu and his genocidal regime. On their hands, these powers have the blood of millions of Africans, Vietnamese, South Americans, etc. Only during this century, the US invaded the Philippines, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Granada, Somalia and Lebanon and carried out two hundred large-scale interventions.

Every day, they kill in silence forty thousand poor people in the Third World. They vanish from hunger of diseases that are easily to cure. In fact they are the victims of the dictates of the IMF, the World Bank and the multinationals.

Just like the US, Europe is cutting budgets for social services, supposedly because there is no money. This war, however, costs one hundred thousand US dollars per day. Every Tomahawk missile costs one million dollar. The F-117 stealth aircraft that was shot costs 122 million dollar. That is enough to pay two million Belgians a minimum wage.

The military budget of the US alone would be enough to do away with misery, epidemics and illiteracy in the world. However, the Third World has to remain poor and submissive and the wages have to stay under pressure by misery and fear in order to safeguard the multinationalsí profits.

Very humanitarian indeed!

Pretext number 2: "We want to impose peace."

Answer: The West has launched this war, like it did against Bosnia before. This attack makes everything worse.

A strange peace policy it is to bomb the Serbs and destroy their economy. But that is not all. Once more the firemen are the very people who put the house ablaze!

Since 1990, the BND, the German secret service, is providing weapons and ammunition to the Albanian separatists in Kosovo.(1) That was confirmed by the German TV station ARD. Erich Schmidt-Enboom, aformer spy, accuses the BND of continuing to smuggle arms to the rebels. Our book "Poker Menteur" revealed that the BND did the same in Croatia since 1979 where they financed and armed the separatists around Franjo Tudjman.(2)

The Super Powers are the very masterminds of the war misery they created since 1991. Helmut Kohl provoked deliberately the crumbling of Yugoslavia in order to provide Germany with the control over the Balkan and an entry to the Mediterranean Sea. Europeís special envoy, Lord Owen, had to recognize that the diplomacy of the US was guilty of prolonging the war in Bosnia unnecessarily.(3) Why? Because Washington wanted to thwart its German competitorís plans to get the Balkan under its control. What were the biggest ethnic cleansing operations in the Yugoslav war? Tudjmanís Croatia has evicted hundreds of thousands of Serbs from the Krajina. According to the March 21 issue of the New York Times, this operation was planned by US generals.

Once again, the West claims that it wants to restore peace and end the suffering in Kosovo. The opposite is true! The present intervention will only worsen the conflict between Serbs and Albanians, as it is bolstering nationalism. And that is the objective. In order to ensure themselves of a military presence in a region of strategic significance, Washington and Berlin donít want to solve the problems but stir them up instead.

These days, a neo-colonialist doesnít embark on a "humanitarian mission" without a handful of journalists and some NGOs in his wake. They have to spread the necessary lies and depict the imperialists as angels of peace.

So, turn off the TV and ask yourself who is trying to fool us. Letís analyze the real objectives of the Super Powers.

Pretext number 3: "The Serbs are to blame for everything."

Answer: Donít believe the simplistic explanations and lies of the Western press. Try to find out who is dividing the people and setting people against one another instead.

The media are ceaselessly portraying the Serbs as bare devils. Take care! Remember the Gulf War. The same media portrayed the Iraqis as Nazis, with the "fourth biggest army in the world," the barbarians who looted incubators in Kuwait and killed babies, with the huge oil spill in the Gulf (caused by the Americans), with the goons who tortured Western pilots. All these lies of the media were exposed in our book "Attention, Médias!" (EPO).

We got the same misinformation in all the wars launched by the West: Korea (1950), Suez (1956), Vietnam (1961-1975), the Falklands (1982), Panama (1989), Rumania (1989), Somalia (1993), etc. One example: When the French colonialists attacked Egypt in 1956 in order to seize the Suez Channel, Le Monde and the French media depicted Nasser, Egyptís progressive leader, as Hitler! The old recipes are served up again. War doesnít start with bombs but with lies.

The situation in Kosovo is much more complicated than those stories about the "bad Serbs" and the "good Albanians." Why do the Western media conceal that the Albanian nationalists not only kill systematically Serb policemen but also that many Albanian civilians do not agree? Why arenít we allowed to know that in Kosovo there are also other nationalities that do not want to be entangled in an ethnically clean Greater Albania like the KLA wants?

The Super Powers are manipulating backward nationalism in order to divide the people and control the strategic regions. "The New Order in the Balkan, corresponding to the Führerís will, means that nobody can stand his neighbor any longer," was Hitlerís special envoyís report in 1942.(4) Today, the situation is not different. Before and during the war in Bosnia, Berlin funded the Croatian separatists and nationalists, the disciples of the fascist Ustashi. In Bosnia, Washington supported and armed the fanatical Muslim Izetbegovic.

Nationalism and separatism are a danger for the whole of Europe. In Belgium, Italy and elsewhere, the politicians are shamelessly instigating one communi ty against the other in order to strengthen their power and to make the people swallow their attacks on social policies. The formation of "pure" states, however, is in fact a program of the extreme right. Imposing apartheid, separating cultures, can only incite hatred and stoke fires of war.

In Kosovo the Serbs as well as the Albanians made mistakes. They have to be solved democratically and in solidarity. The communist partisans were able to unite all nationalities in their heroic resistance against Nazism (41-45) and to build a socialist and peaceful Yugoslavia. Reiterating this ideal is the only sustainable solution.

The Serb, Albanian and other workers in the Balkan have the same interests: the resistance against the exploitation by multinationals and the intervention of NATO, which would not hesitate to turn against the Albanian workers when that would serve their interest.

Only unity will allow resisting this intervention. We therefore welcome the joint motion of the Communist Parties of Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Rumania. Together they condemn the NATO aggression and call on the Balkan peoples to unite. A beautiful example of solidarity and resistance against hatred. It is the only way.

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