NICOSIA 21 - 22 APRIL 1999


The Meeting of Left Parties from European countries, held in Nicosia on the 21st and 22nd April, 1999, following a constructive exchange of views and reflections, concluded on the following Resolution:

  1. It condemns in the strongest way the US and NATO attack against and bombing of Yugoslavia, and demands their immediate end. The bombardment violates flagrantly the International Law and the Charter of the UNO, setting dynamite at its foundation.
  2. It expresses full solidarity with and support to the greatly tested Yugoslav people. It expresses its concern about the fate of the Yugoslav people now and in the future.
  3. It demands the immediate end of NATO bombing and hostilities in Kosovo. It supports the resumption of a political dialogue under the auspices of the UN and with the participation of Russia, aiming this to lead to the peaceful settlement of the Kosovo problem. The solution should provide for the granting of the right to autonomy to Kosovo, and safeguard the human and political rights of its inhabitants. At the same time, however, it should recognize and secure the sovereignty, territorial integrity and borders of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
  4. It condemns the intentions of the USA and NATO to use ground forces in the F.R.Y. Such an action is going to destabilize further the situation in the Balkans. It will create dangers for a broader conflict with incalculable consequences for humanity and will not contribute to achieving a solution.
  5. It expresses concern for the constantly increasing number of refugees and their terrible living conditions. It insists on the safeguarding of the right of all refugees to return and for the creation of preconditions that would allow them to return to their homes in safety.
  6. It appeals to the countries which refugees are travelling to, to respect the Fourth Geneva Convention on Refugees, to welcome them and create conditions for their comfortable, temporal living. At the same time, it calls on all countries to contribute with humanitarian aid, offering relief to the refugees.
  7. It rejects the proposals of NATO troops guaranteeing the solution. The solution should be guaranteed by the UNO.
  8. It expresses the concern that NATO, within the framework of the so-called new order, is upgrading its role as a world policeman with action directed against the interests of peoples. Its new principles, which are expected to be adopted during NATO's 50th session, will lead to the further replacing of the UN and the unconcealed use of military force whenever it is deemed that this is what US and its allies' interests demand.
  9. It concluded to take further specific initiatives taking into consideration proposals submitted by various parties present in this Meeting, as Peace Marches and human shields and other forms of mobilization of public opinion.
  10. The Resolution has been adopted unanimously although the Parties have a different evaluation of the policies followed by the Yugoslavian Government in Kosovo.
Nicosia, 22 April 1999

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Andros Kyprianou Member of the Political Bureau Head of International Relations of the Central Committee AKEL

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