NATO Hits Chinese Embassy; Hospital and Street Market in Nis, Killing at Least 16 People and Wounding over 70

One day after Russia sold Serbia down the river in, what the NATO leaders termed a new «peace plan» (see S99-69, Day 42, Update 1, Item 1, May 7), NATO intensified its attacks on Serb civilians targets. An F-16 bomber hit a hospital and a street market in Nis, Serbia's third largest city of 250,000, some 200km (125 miles) south of Belgrade, using cluster bombs (which explode in the air, causing widespread damage to buildings and residents). At least 16 people - all civilians - were killed, and over 70 injured.

After several hours of stonewalling even its lapdog western media, some of which (e.g., MSNBC) had irrefutable footage of this latest Clinton-Clark-Blair, etc. crime against humanity, NATO finally fessed up to this mass murder.

In a tersely worded statement, the NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana, confirmed that NATO aircraft carried out an attack, supposedly on an airfield two miles away (!) from the residential area which was bombed.

«Unfortunately, it is highly probable that a weapon went astray and hit civilian buildings,» Solana said in a written statement.

TiM Ed.: You mean to say, Mr. Solana, that you and your NATO «supermen,» like Gen. Wesley Kanne Clark, who early in this war exalted at the «surgical precision» of your supposed «smart bombs,» cannot come even within two miles of your target? Which means that if someone asked you to bomb the White House, for example, you might just as easily hit the National War Memorial at Arlington, Virginia? Or the Reagan National Airport?

At the very least, the U.S. taxpayers should demand a refund for the trillions of OUR dollars which the Pentagon has spent on, what turns out to be, a technology which is not even as accurate as the WW II bombs. Unless, of course, there is a different explanation. That Serb civilian targets were deliberately hit. In which case, add the term «PREMEDITATED» mass murder to the war crimes charges that one of these days you, Mr. Solana, along with Gen. Clark and all other NATO leaders are likely to face (see a related story about the Canadian lawyers' filing of such a lawsuit at the Hague).

Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona
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