Appeal of the Communist, Workers and Left Parties of the NATO States on the aggression of NATO against the FR of Yugoslavia
In face of the continuous criminal bombardements and the aggressive intervention of the USA and the NATO forces against the FR of Yugoslavia, an independent and sovereign European state, an act which trampled the UN Charter, flagrantly violated the international law and created the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of the latest half-century in our continent, we call up peoples, youth, peace trade union and other social movements:

April 13, 1999
  1. Communist Party, Belgium
  2. Communist Party of Britain
  3. New Communist Party of Britain
  4. Communist Party of Canada
  5. Party of the Communists of Catalonia
  6. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  7. Communist Party of Denmark
  8. Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS)
  9. German Communist Party (DKP)
  10. Communist Party of Greece
  11. Hungarian Workers' Party
  12. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  13. Portuguese Communist Party
  14. The Party of Labour (EMEP, Turkey)
  15. Communist Party, USA
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