Stop the Bombing Now!

The following is a statement of the Communist Party USA National Board on the bombing in Yugoslavia:

Together with more than 50 percent of the American people and people all over the world, the Communist Party USA condemns the wanton slaying and murderous bombing of the Yugoslav people by U.S. imperialism. Already the bombs have killed and maimed thousands and the bombing intensifies daily. This is a thinly veiled attempt by U.S. imperialism to implement its encirclement policies stretching across Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean, from Yugoslavia to Russia to the People's Republic of China, to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

This encirclement process has its roots in the Cold War. Its aim is to destroy all vestiges of socialist development. It is the process of establishing U.S. imperialism as the «one-superpower» dominating the world.

The bombing of Yugoslavia is a declaration and demonstration to all peoples and nations which cherish their sovereignty that they are subservient to U.S. imperialist authority. NATO has become an extension of the U.S. armed forces and foreign policy. The U.S. is using and testing the most sophisticated new weapons. The vote for Star Wars, against a mythical enemy, is a further expression of this «one-superpower» imperialist encirclement policy.

U.S. imperialism's arrogance has put the United States and NATO countries in violation of the United Nations charter which states: «All members shall refrain in international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State.» The bombing is also a violation of the Helsinki Agreements on European Security and Cooperation.

The United States and NATO behave like outlaws who flout the laws of civilized society. They act with impunity, without a care as to the rights and sovereignty of other nations. They must be brought back to the family of nations and made to comply with the rule of law and behave like responsible members of that family. The peace of the world is at stake.

The usual convenient ploy used by U.S. imperialism to justify its action is to demonize the intended victim nation, in this case the Serbs and Yugoslavia. At the same time it portrays the terrorists, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, as the «freedom fighters» and «fighters for human rights.» These terrorists are armed and equipped by U.S. imperialism.

Today's propaganda rationale for the aggression is a «humanitarian response to killing and suffering.» In this case, President Clinton says it is to stop the «ethnic cleansing» and civil war when the reality is that U.S. imperialism launches an attack whenever and wherever corporate and military interests dictate. Far from ending the atrocities and genocide, the bombing intensifies the killing.

There can never be such a thing as «humanitarian bombing.» The real aim is to bring in an occupying army on the soil of a sovereign country.

It is the «one-world superpower» and «new-world order» policy of U.S. imperialism in its drive to create havoc, fuel the flames of civil strife and nationalist antagonisms, set citizen against citizen, family against family and to divide countries in order to dominate, control and plunder for profits. It brings on needless death of innocent people and the destruction of homes and whole villages. First it was Macedonia, then Croatia, then Bosnia, then Slovenia and now Kosovo.

Each of these intensifies the crisis of refugees and people being forced to struggle to survive in war conditions. Each of these has brought on atrocities and ethnic cleansing by extremist nationalist forces. Each of these heightens the danger of a wider war in Europe.

The divide and conquer policy in Yugoslavia is the same racist policy used by the U.S. monopoly corporations to split the unity of the American people. Their plunder for profit aggression has already cost the American people over $1 billion, just as their racism at home has netted them uncountable billions in superprofits.

The Communist Party USA calls for

The Communist Party USA calls on all people to call on the White House and Congress to stop the bombing and put an end to ultimatum diplomacy.

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