NATO Kills 20 Women and Children in Small Serb Town

BELGRADE, Apr. 27, 1999

Here we go again... NATO has just killed at least 20 civilians, mostly women and children, in a daytime raid on Surdulica, a small southern Serbian town near the Bulgarian border, Reuters news wires reported this evening.

A Reuters television crew filmed the destruction in Surdulica. Local officials and residents said 16 missiles had rained down on the town for 25 minutes at midday.

«One third of the town was totally destroyed,» a town official, Miroslav Stojiljkovic, told Reuters Television. «Between 200 and 300 families have been left without roofs over their heads.»

State television quoted local officials as saying they had already recovered 20 bodies but feared more would be found. It said 300 houses had been destroyed.

Stojiljkovic said an army barracks two km (1.5 miles) from the town had apparently not been hit during the raid, the third on Surdulica.

«Two missiles directly hit one house, and killed all the people who were sheltering in the basement,» resident Stanisa Ivanovic told Reuters Television. Ivanovic, 37, said two men who had climbed on the roof of another house to install a satellite dish had also been killed when missiles struck their house.

«Fascists!» one resident said, pointing to ruined homes.

The Serbian news agency Beta said the strike had also destroyed a health center and cut water supplies in the town.


TiM Ed.:

Whether due to incompetence or malice, this certainly constitutes another NATO war crime. Add a several dozen additional murder charges to growing list already compiled against Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder and other NATO leaders. Not to mention Clinton's «mini-Goering,» the arrogant NATO bomber-in-chief, Gen. Wesley Clark, who confidently predicted that he would bring Serbia to her knees after only three days of bombing. So far, Clark is 33 days behind the schedule... But WAY AHEAD on the list of NATO war crimes.


Bob Djurdjevic


Phoenix, Arizona


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