Statement of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

April 11, 1999
Our Party, RCPB(ML), condemns the continuing criminal aggression launched against Yugoslavia by the aggressive NATO military alliance under Operation Allied Force. RCPB(ML) particularly condemns Tony Blair's government for its front-line role in involving Britain in NATO's military intervention and in the so-called Contact Group.

Britain's forces should be immediately withdrawn and involvement of Britain in the «Contact Group» ended, Britain should get out of NATO and NATO should be dismantled.

The leaders of the big powers, from Bill Clinton to Tony Blair, claim that they are acting in defence of humanity and human rights. It is crucial that the working class and people see this as the Hitlerite lie that it is. The assertion that military intervention in the region is justified to «avert a human catastrophe» and «defend human rights» is nothing but a pretext to launch an all out war and justify the unjustifiable. These same big powers have been arming, financing and inciting the various forces one against another to further their interests of controlling this strategic region of Europe.

It is a tragedy that once more the peoples of the Balkans are being hurled against one another and that they are further being made to suffer by being forced to flee and be bombed by NATO. It was such a struggle by the big powers for control over the Balkans that led to the outbreak of the first world war. Now it is the US which is seeking to establish its hegemony over all of Europe in contention with Britain, Germany and other European powers. It is a very dangerous situation which is once again seriously endangering world peace, besides being itself a crime against humanity.

It is unprecedented that with this criminal aggression under NATO's auspices a sovereign country is under military attack from this aggressive military alliance. The US, as well as Britain, are demonstrating that for such powers the principles of international law are only there to be flouted. Even the UN Charter and the UN Security Council for them are only obstacles to be trampled over. This is a further dangerous development for the world's people. Any catastrophe and slaughter of the people according to the likes of Clinton and Blair is now to be justified because they have a so-called «moral imperative» to intervene wheresoever they decree under the banner of high ideals.

This «moral imperative» rests on a big lie. It is that the peoples of the world are incapable of controlling their own affairs, that their leaders who do not toe the imperialist line should be taught a lesson, that peoples left to sort out their own problems will resort to internecine conflict. The exact opposite is the case. It is the interference and dictate of the big powers which is behind the suffering of the peoples of the Balkans, just as they are behind conflicts and slaughter throughout the globe. A precondition for peace in the Balkans is that the big powers stop all intervention and withdraw from the region.

It is the people of the Balkans, like the people everywhere, who are decisive in establishing peace and they must be allowed to solve their problems themselves without outside interference. Peace will only come to the Balkans when all imperialist forces are thrown out.

The working and progressive people of Britain must not remain passive in this situation and must demonstrate their opposition to NATO aggression in the Balkans. They must condemn the Labour government's role in this aggression and demand that Britain ends its policy of intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, that it withdraws from NATO and adopts a policy of democratisation of international affairs based on the principle of equality of all sovereign states and the norms of international relations.

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