The World Federation of Democratic Youth strongly condemns the criminal, inhuman and totally unjustified attack of US and the European NATO-members against Yugoslavia. This military action will not only bring harm to the peoples of Yugoslavia, but it will further destabilize the political situation in the Balkans, and could lead to a wider, even more dangerous conflict in the region.

The imperialist murder-attack of the US and NATO-forces against Yugoslavia, a member country of the UN, is a clear violation of the International law, the UN-Charter and the Helsinki Agreements and constitutes a brutal intervention by the above mentioned forces, inside a sovereign country. Furthermore it is going against the feelings of the International Community and at the same time ignoring the UN Security Council.

WFDY is of the strong view that conflicts can not be resolved through aggressions, sanctions, blockades and other means of violence. WFDY is supporting a political solution, by peaceful means in the «Kossovo-question», which will respect the rights of the population in the Kossovo, as well the sovereignty of Yugoslavia.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth calls upon all peace-loving and democratic Young people in the world to condemn these bombings and demands the cease of the attacks as well as the complete withdrawal of the NATO-forces from the Balkan-region.

W.F.D.Y calls on the UN-Security Council to condemn and to take concrete measures in order to stop NATO- military activities in Yugoslavia immediately.

WFDY expresses its solidarity with the youth and the people of Yugoslavia and the thousands of refugees from the Kossovo-region.

March 25, 1999

The Co-ordinating Council of WFDY


Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 08:56:20 -0600

To: (World List for Rednet)

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