An Eyewitness Account of NATO Murders at Serb TV Head Quarters
BELGRADE, Apr. 23 1999

I live 100 meters (about 110 yards) away from the Serb TV headquarters.

At 2:06AM, we were sitting in our room, talking. Then we heard awful sounds of a plane. It was so loud that we all hid under the bed, thinking that it'll hit our building and kill us all.

Then we heard strong detonations. Our windows started rattling. The lights went out. We heard several more explosions. My neighbour, who is only 10 years old, fell down the stairs while trying to reach the shelter.

We were all panic-stricken because we heard strong detonations, and we thought that our building will fall apart. After that, we heard that the Serb TV was hit. After some time, we went there to see what happened. I can actually see the park (in front of the Serb TV building) from my window, but the building itself is behind some trees.

We saw smoke, fire... then we reached the building. Firemen, police, civil defense people... were all already there trying to help the survivors.

We saw a woman shouting from the ruins: «Please, I am here, help me!!» Some men tried her to get her out. She was walking around like a lunatic, shouting: «Where is Jelena? Jelena, she is still in the building!!»

Then we saw somebody falling from the second floor. We saw a man who was hanging upside down from the first, or second floor, I do not know. His head was all covered in blood. His legs were literary crushed by the concrete block.

Everybody tried to help him. He is (or was) around 20-25 years old.

People were running around dripping with blood. Fire and smoke all over the place. Blood could be seen everywhere. A real massacre.

Then a friend of mine shouted «This man is dead!!» I didn't turn my head to see him because I thought I was about to faint. My friends went a bit further, and saw the corpse lying without a head. We also saw a pair of (woman's) legs lying crushed by another concrete block. I think that she was already dead, even though people tried to pull her out.

It was terrible. I don't know if I described it well enough. I am still shaking and I'm unable to think. People were lying wounded all over the place. I can still smell the mixture of blood and smoke.

I hope you understand. All (Serb TV) buildings around were destroyed. I won't have any further comments on this. I'll need some more time to recover. That's all for now.

I also heard a reporter who was in the building saying: «The plane went really low, and then made a strike right at the entrance of the building.»

This was not a crime against media, nor anything else NATO was claiming to save or prevent. This is a direct crime against humanity, and people world-over should know that.

Marija Mitrovic, downtown Belgrade
Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona
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