Defense & Foreign Affairs: Big Lies Technique in Kosovo Crises

May 25, 1999

So called the «Kosovo Liberation Army» (KLA) has several parents, among them are the Iranian and the Bosnia government, a few important «midwives», including the USA, the Croat and Turkey governments and wide range of other persons as well, says the editor of the London specialized periodical Defense & Foreign Affairs, Gregory R. Copley.

However, the «Kosovo Liberation Army» would not be the important factor in the Kosovo crises if it had not got the blessing from Clinton's administration as it's direct and indirect support.

It is clear now that Clinton's administration and the German government are supporting actively KLA from 1992, supplying them with the weapons, the intelligence data, the military training and most of all with the significant political encouragement. The last twist of luck for the KLA took place when the American special envoys, Richard Holbrooke and Peter Gelbard, posed with the heads of the KLA in front of the reporters in 1998, backing up their support, estimates the commentator, who has been writing about the international security for almost forty years.

[...] The irony of the destiny is that the leader of the KLA elite forces is Muhammad Al Zavahiri, Aiman Al Zavahiri's brother, who is the military commander of the terrorist leader Osama Ben Laden.

Clinton's administration declared, of course, Ben Laden for the state enemy No.1 for his alleged involvement in implanting the bombs in two American embassies in the Eastern Africa, 1998. Aiman Al Zavahiri was involved in the assassination attempt of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Adis Abeba in Ethiopia, 1995.

It is not strange at all that the numerous American analysts, even those unfriendly towards Yugoslavia, feel uneasy because Clinton's administration tight connections with the KLA, says Copley.

Copley cites the chief of the American Institute for the Strategic Research, Ben Works, who stresses that Ben Laden's people are in Kosovo and Metohija, arming, military training the KLA. The policy of the American administration in Kosovo and Metohija is based on helping Ben Laden and, according to Copley, guaranteeing even more terrorism in the world.

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